Breaking Free

They (whomever they are) say that everything happens for a reason. That every choice we make has an immediate consequence. On her twenty-first birthday, Rachel’s friends drag her to the local bar, The Handlebar, to celebrate, despite her protests to just stay home. But from the moment Rachel hears the band play, her life is sent down a path she never expected. After years of her mother’s neglect and verbal abuse, Rachel is confident that no one will ever want her—that is until she meets the leader of the band, J.R.

Rachel finds herself falling into a world she never hoped to dream about for herself. But being in love with a rock star isn’t easy. And the deeper they fall for each other, the clearer it becomes that they might want different things. Is she just setting herself up for another disappointment?

As Rachel soon discovers, our choices can shape our future and break us free from the bonds that hold us down. But when Rachel makes the wrong choice, will she be able to handle the consequences? Or will she continue to stay locked in a prison she has created for herself? Whether right or wrong, the choice is hers to make. But that choice will not only affect her life but threaten the lives of those around her she holds most dear.

People Watching

Coming Summer 2023

Jess has always loved vacationing on Edisto Island, South Carolina, with her husband, Cal. But this year she’s the most excited she’s ever been. The last two years have been riddled with health issues for Jess, and their marriage has been a bit strained. She’s hopeful this week will be the very thing that saves their marriage. Of course, all of her expectations are crushed once their vacation begins. Cal seems more interested in another woman who is vacationing with her husband and baby, leaving Jess to spend their vacation alone. That is until she meets a couple of strangers who will inevitably change the trajectory of her life.

Drew and Lindsey have not been happy for a while. Rough patches in a marriage are normal, but Drew is certain their issues go beyond that. Regardless of how Drew feels about his marriage though, he can’t abandon their daughter, Lilly. This could be their last vacation together, but he wants to make one final effort to repair his family. However, when the vacation begins, Drew realizes that spending time with Lindsey and Lilly is going to be harder than he had anticipated as it seems they have taken to someone else on the beach.

Joyce identifies as a professional people-watcher. At seventy years old, she and her husband, Harold, have plenty of experience watching others. Joyce prides herself in knowing much about the human race through this practice of people-watching. Every year, she arrives at their beach house a little early, so she can watch the new families arrive for their vacations. Harold tries to warn his wife not to get involved but when she spots two families on the brink of destruction, she can’t help herself. Though she may have the best intentions, Joyce will have finally found herself in a situation that even she may need help getting out of.

Before the week is over, all three families will have experienced the kind of drama they’ve only ever seen in movies. They will be angry and hurt, and some of them may cry, but mostly, they will find a reason to laugh because this is a story about making the most out of the absolute worst.